• Dr. Ash performs arthoroscopic surgery at Peak Veterinary Referral Center

    Arthroscopic Surgeries Explained

    June 9, 2021

    A glossary of terms related to arthroscopic surgeries and conditions. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is a good place to start if your pet’s doctor has recommended that you visit a surgeon for joint disease in your pet.

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  • What is Critical Care?

    June 2, 2021

    The Emergency/Critical Care teams help pets with life-threatening injuries and illnesses. Critical Care specialty teams, including our Critical Care specialists, emergency clinicians and nursing staff, help treat complications from surgery, trauma, accidents, infections, organ failure and severe heart and breathing problems.  The critical care team is a group of specially trained veterinary caregivers who work

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  • Two Tetanus Cases in 24 hours

    May 25, 2021

    Within a 24 hour period in April 2021, two dogs presented to Capital District Veterinary Referral Hospital showing signs of tetanus. Being such a rare condition, these cases are a good review of the disease and treatment.

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  • long haired cat being examined by a doctor

    When Can We Accompany Our Pets Into Ethos Hospitals Again?

    May 18, 2021

    We have been receiving questions about when pet owners will be allowed to accompany their pets into our hospitals again. We recognize that this is a real concern for many of you.

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  • My Fear-less Journey With The Fear Free Initiative

    April 30, 2021

    Being a new face at a growing practice can be tremendously intimidating and the fears of the unknown are a reality all too familiar for me.

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  • cat wearing noise reduction cap to ease anxiety in a veterinary setting

    Being a Veterinarian During a Pandemic

    April 23, 2021

    To celebrate the strength and dedication of our veterinarians during the pandemic, we'll let them tell their own stories in their own words:

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  • Getting Through My Dog’s Heartworm Treatment

    April 22, 2021

    I was shocked! We had been so good about giving Callie monthly heartworm prevention since we adopted her. So how did this happen?

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  • Ethos Exchange: How Per Diem Jobs are Changing the Veterinary Industry

    April 7, 2021

    As Ethos and many other veterinary hospitals begin hiring more per diem employees, we must figure out: how does per diem work fit into our industry? Is it sustainable on a larger scale? How does it affect our full-time employees?

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  • Canine Anaphylaxis: Diagnosis and Treatment of Hemoabdomen

    April 2, 2021

    Over the past decade, ultrasound has been slowly integrated into the veterinary industry. As a result, ultrasonography has allowed veterinarians to detect other soft tissue changes and free fluid that would otherwise be missed.

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  • Port City Critical Care Spotlight: Hi-Flow Oxygen Therapy

    March 30, 2021

    Oxygen therapy in veterinary medicine has remained unchanged for decades. Traditional methods of oxygen supplementation, such as flow-by, nasal prongs/cannulas, and oxygen hoods/cages, have been the mainstay for patients suffering from respiratory distress. Though these methods can deliver oxygen concentrations ranging from 20-80%, they suffer from a variety of shortcomings that can lead to treatment

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  • A Guide to Pet Poison Prevention

    March 24, 2021

    Even though your home seems like the safest place for your pet, there's things in your cabinets, backyard, countertops, and garage that can be poisonous to your pet.

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  • Household Cleaners and Keeping Your Pets Safe

    March 23, 2021

    It’s spring, and you know what that means…spring cleaning! As we all get motivated to clean our homes there is something to keep in mind: keeping your pets safe.

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